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· Vintage means something old and historical. Natural defects like little stains, light yellowing of fabric is somehow unavoidable. 

  Yet, Counterclockwise will clarify any obvious defects of each item or please kindly accept those unnoticeable & unmentioned flaws. 


· Every piece under VINTAGE category exists in one sample only. It is impossible to re-stock the same item after it is sold. 

· Counterclockwise takes "first pay first served" principle for limited stock. 

  For instance, if two customers place order on same products at the same time, the stock will go to the one who completes payment first. 

  Refund (by bank deposit) will be made if the product is no longer available yet the customer has paid already. 

· +/- 1” measurement allowance for different people should be accepted. 


· All photos are taken by Counterclockwise but still there is color variation between actual products and images on screen, limited by the    

  models of different computers or mobiles. However, we have tried best to minimize the color variation in between.



· 古著為年代產品,不是全新,難免會有自然的歷史痕跡,如小污清,淺色衣服略泛黃,布料有小破損等。如有明顯瑕疵,本店會在貨品註



· 所有VINTAGE分類下,或有VINTAGE作名稱的貨品基本只有一件,在售出後已沒可能再補貨。


· 因本店大部份貨品都只有一件,所以採用「先付款,先確認 的規則。如多於一個客人確認購買同一件貨品,將以先成功付款旳客人獲得。



· 因每人度尺手法不同,尺寸誤差約+﹣1寸。


· 本店所有貨品雖為實物拍攝,但由於每人的電腦/電話型號顯示器的不同,實際貨品和屏幕顯示的顏色會有些差異,唯本店已盡力減少當


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